18K Gold Dog Tag

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The 18K Gold Dog Tag from Tess Van Ghert is an homage to the enduring human spirit, drawing inspiration from the storied history of dog tags
as emblems of identity and belonging. Traditionally worn by soldiers, dog tags serve as a poignant reminder of one's duty, resilience, and the bonds that link us together in the face of adversity.

Crafted from the finest 18K gold, this piece elevates the
dog tag from a functional item to a luxurious symbol of strength and personal narrative. The designer has imbued this necklace with a sense of history and a tribute to those who wear their stories with pride.

The golden surface, ready to be inscribed with a name or a
message, offers the wearer a canvas for self-expression. It's a piece for the individual who values their journey and chooses to wear a marker of their personal history and connections. The necklace invites reflection on one's
path, the trials overcome, and the triumphs celebrated.

This dog tag is designed for the Tess Van Ghert clientele
who appreciate the fusion of rich tradition with the individualistic modern aesthetic. It's not merely a piece of jewellery but a personal talisman, a
luxurious repository for the moments and memories that define the wearer's life. It is a testament to where they have been, who they are, and the legacy they will leave behind.

18K Yellow Gold dog-tag pendant on ball-chain necklace.


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and a phrase of your choice.


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