Angel Wing Earrings

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18K White Gold 10.51G


246 Round Diamonds 3.45CT

In the serene realm of celestial wonders, where myths intertwine with reality, the concept of angel wings has always been emblematic of protection, purity, and freedom. These earrings, masterfully crafted by Tess Van Ghert, seek to capture that very essence of divine guardianship and ethereal beauty. The choice of 18K white gold is deliberate, mirroring the pristine and untainted nature of angelic wings, gleaming with a heavenly glow. This lustrous foundation serves as the canvas upon which the dance of diamonds unfolds. A tale of divine inspiration, of soaring ambitions, and of the ethereal connection between the heavens and the earth.

Can be worn as a mono-earring or as a stunning pair.


If you require a different gold colour, please get in touch. Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery for pieces which are in a different gold colour.

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