Dancing Stars - Gold and Diamond Earrings

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18K Gold 5.19G


18 Baguette Diamonds 0.65CT


82 Round Diamonds 0.73CT

The central round-cut cubic zirconia, resembling a brilliant beacon, evokes the timeless allure of the moon. Its luminous glow, captured perfectly by the stone's facets, brings to mind moonlit nights, romance, and serenity. This central stone serves as the heart of the earring, much like the moon governs the rhythms of the night. Encircling this central gem are the pave-set stones, reminiscent of stars in a clear night sky. Their collective sparkle, playing second fiddle to the central stone yet essential to the design, mirrors how stars add depth, mystery, and wonder to the vast expanse of the heavens.



If you require a different gold colour, please get in touch. Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery for pieces which are in a different gold colour.

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