Delicate 18KT Gold Cross Bracelet with Diamonds

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18K Gold 0.76G


50 round diamonds 0.08 CT

Drawing from the deep wells of religious art and architecture, the designer has crafted a piece that bridges the divine with the personal. Each diamond reflects a facet of the cross's journey through art, history, and mythology, from the catacombs of Rome to the grand cathedrals of the world.

This bracelet, wrought from the noble sheen of 18-karat gold, captures the essence of the cross as more than a symbol. It is an echo of the human quest for meaning, a delicate yet powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of life's experiences and aspirations.

In the hands of Tess Van Ghert, the cross transcends its traditional contours, becoming a wearable piece of history, a personal amulet that whispers stories of resilience and grace. It is an intimate expression of Tess Van Ghert’s vision: to create jewellery that resonates with the wearer's inner narrative, pieces that are not just seen but felt, carrying the weight of history with the lightness of being.

AVAILABLE IN WHITE, rose and yellow GOLD.

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