Delicate 18KT Gold Evil Eye Bracelet with Diamonds

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18K Gold 0.81G


36 round diamonds 0.06 CT

This piece is a modern interpretation of an ancient symbol, the Evil Eye, which has served as a protective talisman throughout history, warding off malice and bringing its wearer good fortune and safeguarding.

The designer has delved into the realms of mythology and folklore, where the Evil Eye has been a pervasive motif across various cultures, symbolizing a watchful gaze that shields against the unseen negative forces of the world. This bracelet, with its outline of the Evil Eye adorned with sparkling diamonds, translates this protective concept into a piece of luxurious subtlety.

Incorporating diamonds into the design not only amplifies the bracelet's splendour but also ties back to the belief that precious stones have the power to deflect negative energy. The eye's pupil, represented by a void encircled by diamonds, serves as a metaphor for vigilance and perception, inviting the wearer to look beyond the visible spectrum and connect with the intuition that guides one's path.

AVAILABLE IN WHITE, rose and yellow GOLD.

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