Floating Diamonds - 18k White Gold and Diamonds

18K Gold 5.53G


Pear Shaped Diamonds 2.22Ct

In the heart of a serene forest, there exists a phenomenon that few are privileged to witness: the delicate dance of sunlight as it filters through the canopy, casting shimmering spots of light onto the forest floor. This ephemeral play of light and shadow, where rays of sun seem to float in the air, is beautifully captured in the design of Golden Glimmer. Made of 18K yellow gold, the ring harnesses the golden hues of dawn and dusk, reminiscent of those precious moments when the world stands still, and all that exists is the gentle glow of nature.

It serves as a bridge between the raw beauty of the natural world and the refined world of luxury, making it a perfect companion to the 3-in-1 cross necklace, another testament to the harmonious fusion of simplicity and opulence.

'TVG' is engraved on the inside. If you require a different size or gold colour, please get in touch- delivery 4 weeks from order.

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