Lightning - Mini Diamond Stud Earrings

18K Gold 1.31G



Lightning: a symbol of raw power, unpredictability, and the unbridled forces of nature. Throughout history and mythology, lightning has been seen as the spark of gods, a celestial fire linking the heavens to the earth. These earrings, shaped like lightning bolts, capture this divine energy, infusing it with luxury and elegance. Crafted in the luminous glow of gold, these mini diamond stud earrings represent more than just a natural phenomenon. They embody moments of epiphany, flashes of inspiration, and the electric charge of a new idea taking form. Every curve and angle of the design resonates with the thrill of the unexpected, much like a sudden lightning strike on a dark night.

14 X 4MM


If you require a different gold colour, please get in touch. Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery for pieces which are in a different gold colour.

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