The Classic - Time is Priceless

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'Time is priceless' by Tess Van Ghert

Tess Van Ghert is renowned for its modern take on art deco style jewellery, our previous collection 'art deco rocks' was enthusiastically received in the fashion community and was swept off the shelves by our loyal clientele. Driven by a love for the 'art deco era' we have decided to introduce a new innovative collection called 'time is priceless'.

'Time is Priceless' is a collection of art deco watches presented in a contemporary manner. The watches, made of platinum with a diamond setting, are carefully restored so that all that is best about them can shine again. The addition of a alligator leather strap compliments the fragile character of the historical watch. The end result is a young, cool and playful design which is unique to the jewellery and watch market. Our collection gives these, ladies watches a second life and lets them shine again on the wrists of our clients, perfectly blending in with any new generation look. Every piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind with Tess Van Ghert's philosophy embodied in them; time is precious, style is timeless.

Our limited collection exclusive to Tess Van Ghert club members allows you, our clientele to treat yourselves to a unique piece of history. Time is priceless so are you.

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